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-Bullshots on Sat night... NICE!!! (10/24/03)

-When I handed Vaso my camera I expected to get a full blown bukake/scat/golden showers type photo shoot. Instead I got this. WTF? (12/31/02)

-Funniest joke in the world...(12/31/02)

-Celebrating in style... Normal Thursday night gathering after Xmas. (12/27/02)

-Sopranos night at 622 (11/xx/02)

Fsheep is not a public domain anymore. If by any chance you think that you fit into the below description than most likely you do and you have no business visiting this site, therefore you are not welcomed. Ever. Oh donít worry any great pics of you were taken down and deleted for the simple reason that I donít want to constantly be reminded by your looks that I was so wrong in judging a character. So good bye and have a nice life. BUT if by any chance you think that below statement does not describe you at all because you are either too fucking ignorant or truly a great person please come in and make yourself at home (new Fsheep will be launched on Dec 24th).

So, Iíve been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching lately. I mean it may seem like Iím an insensitive guy with no remorse for horrible acts Iíve committed along 26 years of my life. Yes guilt and deeply rooted feeling of justice grasped me by my heart and forced to rethink stuff over. Yes indeed I know Iím not perfect therefore I automatically assumed a blame for a lot of weird events that happened in the last few months. Than I went over the same events from regular Mattís perspective. And finally I took out my old psych manual and tried to use my schooling in order to make some sense. Indeed I reached couple of conclusions which put me at ease and shed some light at the behavior of some people that were once dear to me. I basically understood that whatever Iíve read about personality traits, behavioral and environmental influences and race allegations are true. Some people no matter what they are will never be equal members of society. Oh yes you are probably waiting for me to point the finger of blame at blacksÖ No, no, noÖ Not this time. I actually came to value blacks on equal terms with whites for the simple reason that in the past those are the people who got screwed by the system and never fought back, so indeed they need some kickback and justice done. Basically Iím talking about other minorities who are commonly associated with laziness, alcoholism, drug addictions, family problems, excessive reproductions, illiteracy, violence, gangs, stupidity, cheapness, terrorism and my favorite one: general weakness. Yes some people are becoming self fulfilling prophetsÖ So if you know a lazy fuck who gets his tag automatically by belonging to some kind of minority group please do not expect him to hold (or trust with) an important position since when the work gets tough he will bail out causing trouble for everyone. Yes such behavior is selfish and irresponsible yet it will not be pictured as such. It will be turned around and projected as a case of being a victim. Trust your guts and if somebody carries a stigma just believe it. There are other people who will never accept blame for anything they did wrong. They canít get from point A to point B using straight line. Everything must be a deal of the century. They canít accept the simplicity of things; also they canít accept the happiness of others. Day without mending and sticking their nose into other people business is like a day without bread and water. Yes I believe in exceptions but stereotyping had to start somewhere. Enough people from the given group had do follow certain course of actions for long enough so others can observe it and make a mental note of the event. So from now on when I see and Arab walking down the street he is a fucking terrorist. Now I know that Iím a powerful man. I know that when I put my foot down everyone has to listen and obey my orders. I know that whatever I say will influence you forever. So if I tell you that you are retarded your IQ automatically drops to 60. If I make a mention of you being a fat fuck you go out and stuff yourself in order to reach a fat fuck definition which is about 400 lbs. Yes Iím powerful and almighty. And YOU are nothing, you believe in everything I say and you are so weak that you go into submission and fulfill my ball busting. Why donít you do me last favor and hang yourself or slit your wrists or OD on sleeping pills. Believe me world will be a much safer place without dumb assholes like you.

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