Being fed up with current situation on Earth, two brave young souls decided to give up all the benefits and cushions of life as they know it and move to Mars. Being experts in many different fields including but not limited to chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering, medicine, psychology, farming they are planning to prepare the Red Planet for colonization.

First task would be getting them safely to Mars. For that we will use United States operated transporters due to their high success ratio. Realizing that Russia and England failed in delivery every time they will not be asked to participate in the transportation phase.

First few years will be hard. Working in pressurized suits and changing atmosphere of the planet will require a lot of sacrifices. Working with Dr. Martinelli they designed an atmospheric converter that would take mars air and combine it with methane gas. Such mixture when combusted in controlled environment will generate water and carbon dioxide which further will be broken into oxygen and carbon. Carbon will be used as a heating source and oxygen will be released into the atmosphere. Since there are no known methane sources on mars Oli and Polak are planning to live of beans that they will bring with them and later on grow in special tents. Generated methane will be more than sufficient to kick start the atmospheric conversion. Water will be used for consumption just in case NASA promised sources will not materialize.

Gravity issue was solved by Dr. Disco Dino. Unorthodox yet revolutionary approach of keeping Blood Alcohol Content at steady .15% is a perfect solution to gravity issue. In the future when atmosphere is regulated methane gas will be used to build huge jets that would spin the planet faster around the sun and it's axis in order to regulate the gravity.

We will live in pressurized tents together with our live stock. First transport will consist of many raw materials, a lot of canned beans, Budweiser, live stock, feta cheese, kielbasa, plants and tools. Plan is to build a small village and as soon as possible set air recycling plants. After that free time should be used for exploration and experimentation. One of the missions that Polak was already assigned was to find Beagle 2 (unmanned British rover) and crap on it.

"Hostility is not our goal..." said Oli. "This is a peaceful mission" added Polak. Colony will be equipped lightly. They will have tactical nukes, air to air missiles, grenades, plasma rifles, knives and sharp sticks. Any for of alien life will be treated with respect until first sign of danger, than they will be blasted away. Factor used in determination of hostility would be Scale of Fear in Bruner Degrees (basically anything that is bigger than him and moves is hostile and dangerous unless it is holding bacon). Also we will bring sufficient number of Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV) that operated from earth by Dr of cyber kinetics Mr Pires will provide sufficient support and reconnaissance that would clarify out current situation.

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