Fsheep L. Bronkowitz presents:

Learn from the movies... (PART I)

Everything I need to know in life I learned from Kentucky Fried Movie... Hera are few examples:
  1. What will happened to Dean first time he does it with a girl
  2. Truth about Remus
  3. Why glass shower doors are better than curtains
  4. Man's best friend
  5. The bestest movie ever
  6. Why it's good to die and come back as a horse
  7. More truth about Remus
  8. Proper showering techniques
  9. Famous news anchor who also happens to be a gemini
  10. Dental hygene
  11. Three is always better than one
  12. How to get up close and personal
  13. More of the bestest movie
  14. Monkey named Dino
More will come...