Fsheep L. Bronkowitz presents:

FAIM explanation...

Many people stopped hanging out in Faim due to the fact that it turned to be very gay lately. Management of Fsheep® and Faim® decided to look into this matter. What we discovered was that frequency of visitors declined after Oral Vaginal started to come. We hired a forensic psychologist to investigate this individual and he didn't paint the pretty picture. Below you can see what Oral Vaginal thinks about most of the time. Yes because of the machismo image and pressures from the outside world he can't come out and face this horrible reality. Maybe some day... But we ask you to understand him and help Oral to get through those hard times. Show him your support by active participation in Faim and Fsheep activities. And remember being gay is super and it's not a disease just like we are not cure.