Fsheep L. Bronkowitz presents:

Bill Clinton visits 2R...

Last night former president Bill Clinton decided to visit club 2R. Club 2R is a hang out spot of extraordinary magnitude. In order to prepare ourselves for such unusual guest we hired an intern (to find out why we hired her click here). Intern upon introduction proceeded to perform her duties Monica Lewinsky style. Our chief of security relaxed. Secretary of agriculture didn't want to be bothered so he played with himself in the corner. Later on he played with Mr. Clinton but he rejected him after former president spit in his face. Secretary of internal affairs offered Mr. Clinton a drink but when ignored he was trying to show off doing tricks. Secretary of defense saw his hopes for promotions going up in smoke but he coudn't stop wondering about mysterious half Cuban big foot who has gratitude. Minister of justice just kicked back. Polak was so amazed by all these events that he couldn't focus for the rest of Mr. Clinton's visit.