Fsheep L. Bronkowitz presents:

The definition of romanian weakness...
Leaving CT2K1 before the bonfire.

I tried to choose pictures that are begging for captions. (Send in your captions) Have fun.

Guys, my twunk is full!

Guys, my back seat is full! Where am I gonna put all this shit!?

Guys, I just took a dump, I think i can fit the rest of the stuff up my ass, it feels like i have a lot of room.

Dean, can you hewlp me, just stick it in, ass far ass it will go... no! pull it out, it getting bigger!

Dammit! It's ruined! Stupid death sauce! ... Dean, what do you mean it isn't death sauce??

Dean, come back! What are you doing in your tent? I'm not finished packing!

Images and words were provided by Tony Soprano
Captions and typing provided by General Porkchop